Ervin LDIM

Let’s Do It! Mediterranean team has a new Head of Public Relations – Ervin Shehaj from Albania. Ervin has done an amazing work running the Let’s Do It! Albania event, making it one of the most successful country cleanup actions in the Let’s Do It! movement.

“The success that Ervin has built, together with the community of Albania show the experience, passion and drive, which Let’s Do It! Mediterranean relies on. The connection that we are building with the regional societies will benefit greatly from the dedication of Ervin. This opportunity will be a great challenge and I am convinced, that he has the required skills, knowledge and international support to confront it,” commented Faisal Sadegh, the project coordinator of Let’s Do It! Mediterranean.

Ervin made it possible for Albania to be one of the countries that has managed to engage at least 5 % of the population for a one day country cleanup, therefore he has the experience of running a massive scale project and campaign. Read, how seven countries have managed to include masses of people for a country cleanup, and what has changed ever since from this article!

“It all started with a dream to change something in the world we live in, amplified by the Let’s Do It! World movement, combined with passion and dedication. All these elements are like the four important pillars of life that nobody can do and live without – these are air, water, fire and Earth. This movement is a huge motivation for me,” says Ervin Shehaj, the new Head of Public Relations of Let’s Do It! Mediterranean.

“My aims are to be able to give the same boost and energy to Let’s Do It! Mediterranean movement, like I did for Let’s Do It Albania – Ta Pastrojmë Shqipërinë. So let’s do it together! It’s not just another program, it’s a direct way to support the Earth and the people who live here,” Shehaj adds.